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One thing no parent can ever forget is the first time they held their children. All of a sudden there comes the realisation that you are no longer living just for yourself, but that you hold a life in your hands, a life that depends on you for love, acceptance and most of all, support. There is no greater gift we can give our children than a secure future, and it is education that is the key to that future. Our child education plans are tailor made to place that key in your hand and unlock the door to a brighter future for your children.

Edu Smart Plus - Child Education Plans | Jubilee Life Insurance
EduSmart Plus

You’ve been blessed with success, and now you want your child to enjoy the fruits of your labours and get a headstart on life, with the best possible education you can provide, whether in Pakistan or abroad. EduSmart Plus allows you to turn that dream into a reality. Along with offering life insurance protection, EduSmart Plus allows you to save regularly so that you can offer your children the education they deserve.

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EduSmart - Child Education Plan | Jubilee Life Insurance

You know the importance of planning and saving for your childrens’ future, but day-to-day expenses and demands prevent you from doing so. With Jubilee Life’s EduSmart plan, there’s no longer any need to sacrifice tomorrow for the sake of today. This plan allows you to start saving for your childrens’ education today, without breaking your budget in the process. Just like your child learns to walk by first taking small steps, you also need to take small steps today to ensure your child’s future.

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Secure Education Plan - Child Education | Jubilee Life

Children are ones precious gift and it is our prime responsibility to secure their future. You may have made investments for your child’s education, but are you sure that your investments are tailor-made for your their future needs?

Ideally, the financial plan should ensure that the investments should grow steadily and remain intact even on occasions of emergency. Jubilee Life’s Secure Education Plan is just the right plan which helps you meet these challenges.

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