“If you have the desire to learn, and the initiative to hone your skills, the sky is quite literally the limit.”Life is about moving forward, learning new skills and growing both personally and professionally. And that’s exactly what working at Jubilee Life is all about. No matter what position you start off at, or what your level of experience is, we are committed to making sure you can rise to the greatest career heights that you are capable of.

  • Training and Development

    “Don’t be afraid of moving forward slowly, be only afraid of standing still”

  • Rewards and benefits

    A career in life insurance is one in which you get the rare chance to help others achieve their dreams and goals while also securing a financially sound future for yourself.

  • Career Progression

    If you have the motivation, drive and skills to succeed, then this is the place for you. At Jubilee Life, we pride ourselves on the fact that all career progression is based solely on merit

  • JOBS

    To be part of Jubilee Life Team, send us your CV at: