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NIB Bank is one of the largest foreign banks in Pakistan in terms of its branch network and one of the largest corporate entities of the country with a paid up capital of Rs. 103 billion.

Through an extensive network of branches spread across Pakistan, the Bank continues to serve its customers for all their financial needs.

The Bank’s resolve to provide world-class financial products and services to the banking population of Pakistan is driven by its key business units including Consumer Banking, Commercial Banking and Wholesale Banking.

NIB Bank, in association with Jubilee Life, offers a range of investment and insurance solutions especially designed to provide savings and financial protection at every stage of life.

NIB Retirement Plan - NIB Bank - Bancassurance | Jubilee Life Insurance
NIB Retirement Plan

Life begins at retirement. After years of hard work, you finally get a chance to notice the beauty of time itself. With no bosses to worry about and deadlines to meet ,you can finally look forward to relax, pursue your dream of traveling around the world with friends and family and do whatever you could not do previously.

NIB offers a smart retirement solution that enables you to live independently throughout your golden years, thus giving you the opportunity to make the most of it when you retire.

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NIB Savings Plan - NIB Bank - Bancassurance | Jubilee Life Insurance
NIB Saving Plan

Spending less and saving more is easier said than done. You always wonder why you should save money when you are comfortable within your means. But can you guess what the future is going to be like? Your income is sufficient for today but may not keep up with the escalating costs of living and leave you tight handed to meet your daily expenses.

NIB Savings Plan offers you a smart choice. This plan has dual benefits of investment and protection so that you save periodically and be ready for whatever life has in store for you.

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NIB Marriage Plans - NIB Bank - Bancassurance | Jubilee Life Insurance
NIB Marriage Plan

It’s a parents dream to see their children happily settled. To make this a reality, you as a parent must plan in such a way that all their needs are taken care of and there’s no running around when the time comes.

NIB offers you just the right solution with its Marriage Plan that helps you save money at regular intervals and allows you to give your children the best you’ve wished for.

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NIB Education Plans - NIB Bank - Bancassurance| Jubilee Life Insurance
NIB Education Plan

As a parent, you want to provide the very best for your children. To give them quality education, you must start saving today. It’s not only the school/college fees that you have to worry about but numerous other expenses of books, stationary etc that come along with it. With NIB education plan, managing educational expenses is not only possible but affordable!

NIB education plan helps you save money systematically and also offers life insurance protection so that your children can pursue their academic endeavors without any disruptions.

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